QUALITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY – These are terms that are synonymous with Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. bestowed onto our partners, and all endeavors we embark on.  We are a pioneer human resource and recruiting agency that is based in and out of Nepal, but is effective globally.  We are a cutting edge, energetic, dynamic, dedicated result oriented team that is committed to utilizing, analytics, technologies, and firsthand experience to emphasize customer satisfaction for both sides of the equation.  We desire a mutually beneficial relationship based on friendship and diversity with strong ties to our country as well as our neighboring countries.  We have experienced exponential growth over the past decade, in status, size and global presence in matching and fulfilling the employer’s demand of employees and vice versa.  We view ourselves as a crest on the horizon of the manpower business, shining brighter to become even more successful in meeting the highest global standard.

The highest purpose for our company is to recognize and capture all demand areas, and meet all needs and opportunities in every category of labor, in every country.  We look to lead the way in manpower improvement, training and accountability by improved transparency and value propositions. We intend to keep in touch with our workers, and constantly ask all of our customers “How can we improve the experience?”  We want all of our workers to improve themselves, and thus to improve their workplace, and their workplace performance.

Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd., is not only a leading recruiting company in Nepal, but desires to be a global leader in recruitment, recruitment management and satisfaction! We desire to lighten the burden on your human resource department by reducing and eliminate the high costs of turnover, and contract loss with amazing human asset enhancement.
Join us and we are confident we can meet your expectations and requirements.

  •  Outsource quality, reliable and high-performing human resources to companies and business across the world from  Nepal.
  •   Act as linkage between employment providers across the world and Nepalese job seekers.
  •   To contribute in empowering youths by opening new employment avenues through active linking with world wide human resource recruitment agencies.
  • To pick out high performance and potential human resource from across the country and train them for specific work field.
  • To build partnership with human resources agencies from across the world and trace employment opportunities for    Nepalese.
  •  To act as liaison agency for employment providers and seekers.
  • To provide various skill based trainings to potential job seekers and find suitable job placements across the globe.
  • Standard Quality Control Strategy: Quality, reliable and responsible services are the main features of our agency. Our recruitment procedures strictly focus on picking the best candidate for a job.
  •  Our updated human resource department keeps track of available human resource and is efficient in tracing out desired human resource within hours of receiving an order from employment provider. This makes us one of the faster service providers in the industry.
  •  Selection of any potential employee is mandatorily made to stand out in various health check ups, trade tests, language tests, and basic skills in communicating in local languages of the employment destination.
  • Depending on the nature of the work and employer’s requirement special training sessions are organised, so that the employees can start working straight away as soon as they reach the place of deployment.
  •  Once through the pre screening procedures, finalised candidates are given social and cultural information of employment destination, code of conduct, job description, disciplinary actions, salary structure and contract limitations, insurance plans, benefits and perks entitled to, mode of behaviour in the host country, traveling procedures, adaptation strategies to be adopted in the place of employment.