1.    As per Ministry of Labor rules and regulations, we require the following document for recruitment of manpower from Nepal. Documents required are:

a)  Visa Slip (Only for KSA)
b)  Demand Letter
c)  Power of Attorney
d)  Authorization Letter
e)  Employment Agreement Paper
f)  Guarantee Letter

2.    These documents are necessary to advertise and carry out all the documentations & passports formalities for visa endorsement. These documents are mandatory to get permission from the Department of Labor or Ministry of Labor.



  •  Authorization Letter: Addressing to his Excellency “The consular General” of Saudi Arabia in Dhaka, New Delhi or Mumbai (wherever the Block Visa has been sent) authorizing Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. holding license No. 299/058/059. P.O. Box No. 1 9380, Gairidhara, Kathmandu – 2, Nepal (for KSA only).
  •  Power of Attorney Authorizing Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. to be true and lawful attorney and agent in Nepal.
  •  Demand Letter: Addressed to Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. mentioning numbers of workers required in each category with salary, duty hours and other benefits.
  •  Visa slip (for KSA only): Photocopy of the visa slip is required if the bulk visa is for Multi-Nationals. If the Block Visa is for Nepalese national only, then the ‘Original’ is required^
  •  Company Registration (C.R) copy: One copy (photo star) is required.
  •  Company (Employment) Agreement: Two copies each signed and stamped by the Sponsor is required.
  •  Guarantee Letter: Workers should be deployed in our company.

All the above documents should be in originals, duly sealed and signed by the sponsor or authorized person and attested by government authority (Ministry of Foreign affair/ Labor Ministry, Chamber of Commerce & Nepal Embassy). After the receipt of all necessary documents mentioned above, we will be able to deploy the recruited persons to the destination of the emp oyer within thirty five (35) days time which is subject to availability of seats in the concerned Airlines.