Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. is based in and out of Nepal and very proud of this. Nepalese personnel ranging from expert managerial skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled professionals are being employed in booming economies located across the world.  They have been traveling in and out of the country for education, skill acquisition, acquiring skill-set experience and training in Eastern, Middle-Eastern and Western countries, primed to take these already documented and proven skills to the next destination.  Constantly building and growing, personally AND professionally, for themselves, their employer, their family, and their country.


Some of the reasons Nepalese are heavily sought after as employees are:


– Nepalese are diverse: they are well educated as a whole, and generally speak and are proficient in   two of the world’s highest demand languages: English, Hindu, and of course Nepali.


– Nepalese personnel range from expert and highly skilled doctors, educators, engineers, managers, technicians, soft-ware designers, to semi-skilled machinists, welders (mig, tig, ship, to building), supervisors, construction, gyps-board labor, to unskilled labor –offering a wide range of man-power solutions.


– Nepalese manpower is renowned for their traditionally strong, hard working ethic and habits as well as an innate sense of industriousness, unflinching loyalty, a high sense of responsibility, disciplined and devoted to their work, their employers, and to their duty.

– Nepalese workers are peace loving, quiet, uncomplaining, having a natural sense of humor that promotes a pleasant and professional work-place.


– Nepalese individuals not only get along with all other people from all walks of life, but accept and promote diversity with a strong sense of equity that they deliver and expect from their employers.


– Nepalese people come from a very strong and diverse living environment, having time and time again proven their ability to successfully and peacefully work in all types of environments and cultures from the coldest mountains, to the hottest deserts, the Nepalese work well in all terrain!!


Nepalese workers talk less but work more, they believe that the greatest words spoken are those that they say with their actions.